Even the die hard WWII buffs will readily admit that COD3 fell short of the mark set by the previous two iterations of the game. In regards to their moving away from the WWII era into a more modern front, Infinity Ward was recently quoted saying…

“We wouldn’t have worked on it for seven years if we didn’t like it”

So while the team at Infinity Ward may have traded in their stick grenades and Thompson Sub Machine Guns for Mk 19 Grenade Launchers and Barrett M468′s they were very explicit in stating they in no way have lost their interest in the WWII genre.

That said, COD4 makes the jump to modern day warfare but that isn’t the only big change in store for fans of the franchise. Infinity Ward has called on the assistance of several TV writers in developing the plot for which they say this installment of the series will utilize immensely. This is definitely a change of pace from the previous iterations. While it is unknown who exactly they are working with, they made it clear that the plot will not revolve around the current events in the media today and instead will focus on a group known as the “Four Horsemen” and a fictitious Russian nationalist looking to restore the former glory of the Soviet Union.


No Matter How Much Things Change, They Stay The Same. As with the previous titles, your perspective will change several times in the game as you will find yourself playing multiple characters in multiple locations such as Russia and the Middle East. You will fight as a part of a larger unit which again keeps with the tradition of the series. Another innovation that has been retained from the recent games is the absence of a traditional health bar. If you pay close attention you may notice a few names from previous versions of COD as well.

Early missions are set in the black sea on board a large cargo boat. You arrive by chopper under the cover of night in the midst of a heavy thunderstorm and rope down on to the deck taking out the ships guards quickly and stealthily. This is where the heavy use of scripted events really becomes obvious.

As you progress through the story more traditional “open ended” combat situations arise in the later missions set in the middle east. One such mission takes place in a level known as “The Bog”. It tasks you and your unit with the responsibility of coming to the aid of another soldier (ala Saving Private Ryan) who is trapped in his Abrams tank. You will have to maneuver streets clearing enemies and securing buildings all in the name of rescuing the soldier in need.


In game cut scenes that resemble black-and-white news footage and elaborate loading screens complete with narration and full motion video are just a few of the things we have come to expect from Infinity Ward that set this title apart and help to entrench gamers in the game play experience.

Infinity Ward has created an impressive new graphics engine complete with its own physics system, dynamic lighting, special effects such as rain, dust winds, and other debris that will blow you away. Classic game play modes we have all come to love such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture The Flag return but new to COD4 are features that will allow you to customize the multiplayer game play to fit your style. For example, while there will be default classes such a Sniper, Medic, and Assault, you will now also be able to “create-a-class” as you advance through the game and gain experience allowing you to interchange weapons and abilities.

Each character will have three ability “perk” slots. The first of which focuses on accessories such as grenades, C4, silencers, etc. The second keys in on your physical attributes such as increased health, reaction time, and faster reload. The third and final set revolves around special characteristics such as stealth, accuracy, etc. When you are killed in game you will be able to see the perks equipped by the player who killed you and vice versus. That aught to be good for some trash talk amongst friend.


The action makes use of advanced weaponry, is set in intense modern settings, and never seems to stop – so take cover when you can because the opportunities in this game are few and far between. If you like non stop action then you will definitely want to pick this title up when it hits stores.