When I was a kid I used to want to go places that my mom did not want to take me like Toys”R”Us, Disney World, and Sega’s corporate headquarters, so in order to shut me up she would say “ok tomorrow”. Did she really mean tomorrow? Nope. Well it appears that mothers are not exclusive to this group of master word manipulators.

According to Reuters, Sony’s President Ryoji Chubachi stated that the company has no plans for a price cut at the “present time”, yet reports are now pointing to retailer Circuit City offering the Playstation 3 along with 5 Blu-ray movies for $499 between July 15th and the 21st. It seems that Sony’s commander and chief may have been referring to the specific time of day on his watch when he made the statement, and hey … that doesn’t make him a liar now does it?

Another report by Gamedaily cites that a “merchandising manager (who wished to remain anonymous) at one of the world’s biggest retailers” confirmed to them that the price drop will be “retail-wide” and begin on July 12th with advertisements regarding the new price hitting consumers on the 15th.

If all this is true, consumers will not be waiting for the circular on the 15th, they will be waiting outside the store for the doors to open on the 12th. At this point in time however, Sony Computer Entertainment of America has declined comment. How much stock are you willing to put into an anonymous merchandising manager? Guess we will all know the truth soon enough.

Source(s): Gamedaily, Cheapassgamer