Disguise your Playstation 3 and get the content that you deserve!

We came across an interesting piece of information today. Apparently it is possible to create foreign accounts on your PS3 which thereby allow you to download content previously unavailable to you. Keep in mind we have not tested this, however if you would like to understand how it is done then keep reading … otherwise look away.


Follow the directions below:

1) First create a new user for your PS3.

2) Sign Up for the Playstation Network.

3) Select Hong Kong as your Country/Region. (You can select ANY region as long as you can provide a real address.)

4) Make sure your language is set to English.

5) Select Master Account.

6) Create an e-mail account for your new PSN ID. If you have another e-mail address you can use just use it.. a friends, a parents, or a girlfriends etc. Otherwise visit any of these free e-mail websites: Gmail, Lycos, Mail.com, Hotmail, and AOL. Once you’ve created an account simply use the e-mail address in your registration.

7) Create an online ID.

8) Enter a name, it’s up to you how to play this one.

9) Next you’ll need to provide a valid address for the region. Lets say you pick Hong Kong as my new homeland. Visit Frommers To view links in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. Your post count is 0 momentarily. and click on any of the restaurants names. Once you do this you’ll have a valid address for your new account so enter it!

That’s it, congratulations you’ve now successfully created a foreign region PSN account for your PS3! Enjoy the spoils!


Source: consolemonster.com