bestdealever.jpgFor a limited time only – Act Now – But wait there’s more

If you listen to The Mad Gamers tip and apply the following, you can save around $350 on a PS3, some movies, a few games and/or accessories. Here’s how.

1. Go to and sign up for a Sony Style Credit Card to get $150 in credit for your purchase of over $299 (Offer Ends September 30th). See post for more details.

2. When the new 80Gb Motorstorm PS3 bundle goes on sale (August 13th) for $600 buy it at You get Motorstorm for free, regularly a $60 value.

3. Go to and send in your form for 5 free blu-ray movies, a savings of roughly $140 (Offer Ends September 30th).

So you pay $600 + shipping & handling and you get an 80Gb PS3 that plays Blu-ray movies, Upscales DVDs, and plays games; a copy of MotorStorm; 5 Blu-ray movies after a mail-in offer; and $150 credit from Sony to spend on accessories or use towards your purchase of the PS3 at SonyStyle (after 8-12 weeks)… what are you waiting for? The PS3 80Gb launch date — that makes sense.