Halo Live Action Short - Discovery Channel
Still from latest Halo live action short. Watch it after the jump.

In 2005, Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox announced that they would be working with Microsoft to release a Halo film based on the success of the video game series. They named Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh as the executive producers, who both worked together on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

A year later, both Universal and Fox pull out of the project – leaving many fans wondering if they will ever get to see a live action movie.

On October 4th 2007, Neill Blomkamp, who was supposed to direct the Halo film, said in an interview with Creativity-Online.com that the project is officially dead.

“The film is entirely dead,” said Blomkamp in the interview. “All of the design and everything that we’d made for the film is just locked up in some locker somewhere …”

“…the film collapsed at the end of last year, and it’s been dead, ever since then. I’ll be curious to see what happens.”

According to imdb.com, Halo was purchased by Fox and the project will go on.

Who knows if a Halo film will be ever produced, but with the popularity and recent success of Halo 3, fans shouldn’t be surprised if development starts up again.

In the meantime, fans can view Blomkamp’s latest Halo 3 live action short below.

[flv width="440" height="248"]http://www.ripten.com/xbox-haloshort07.flv[/flv]