First person shooters get a lot of attention on weapon lists across the board. Developers know the FPS is one of the most popular formats for Western video game consumers. To counter that, production teams try to offer a lot in the way of challenging level design, accessible story, and of course weaponry.

The responsiveness and creativity of a game’s arsenal can make or break a day run-and-guns. So it should come as no surprise that first person shooters dominate in the realm of badass firearms.

Id Software has focused its efforts in bringing us the best in terms of 3D shoot em’ ups for years now. Wolfenstein 3D succeeded in offending as many people as it intrigued and Doom dropped a FPS into a survival horror atmosphere accented with heaps of gratuitous violence. Quake would further reinforce id’s reputation as the go to guys in shooter technology, but it would be Quake II that would bring us yet another addition in id’s already impressive catalog of badass weapons.

The Railgun was a rifle that took some skill to use. It was powerful but slow. It promised to kill your opponent with one shot but it would reveal your location if you missed the mark – leaving a swirling aqua plasma stream in its wake. The upsides were that this baby was 100% deadly at any range. Being up close and personal yielded the same results as being perched safely in a darkened corner: DEATH.

A skilled surgeon with the Railgun could dominate any CTF or Deathmatch. It was a gun that inspired an about face from anyone who heard its high-toned hiss or caught a glimpse of its signature particle residue. Any online keyboard jockey worth his weight in salt remembers the Railgun and the feeling of safety and comfort it provided. Well, at least to the person holding it.

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