For the week ending December 9th, the Sony PSP sold 91,481 units in Japan. The next week, ending on the 16th, it managed to more than double that number with 184, 610 units sold. Surely it’s catching to the Nintendo DS in sales, right?

While it’s closer than it was, the Nintendo DS still outsold the PSP by almost 40,000 units, with a total of 222,144 sales for the week ending December 16th. To top it off, 28 DS titles placed in the top 50 best-sellers.

As for the other video game systems, the Nintendo Wii took the lead of the home consoles with 170,558, the PS3 came in second with 63,720 units moved, 18,025 Playstation 2 units were sold, and the Xbox Box 360 trailed behind everyone with only 8,561 systems sold.

Poor Billy Gates just can’t catch a break, can he?

Via The Escapist