For anyone who someone isn’t aware, Xbox Live has seen better days. This past week, gamers have been having tremendous trouble using the service, whether it be with matchmaking, lag, or just flat out not being able to go online. Well, if this rumor is correct, we may see a little compensation from Microsoft.

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag was informed by his Microsoft contact that:

“…we will definitely be doing something for our Gold members that weren’t able to get online over the last week.”

I can deal with a few hours of downtime, maybe even a day. I know that nothing is perfect and I trust that Microsoft’s Xbox Live team does whatever they can to keep the service up and running. However, this past week has been ridiculous and I think we justly deserve compensation. Let’s all hope Microsoft delivers.

For those you of that have been more than a little peeved with Live’s performance issues, what do you think would be fair compensation? A refund? MS points? Let me know in the comments section.

Via Kotaku