60-player online? 8-player co-op? An expansive campaign across the United States? Insomniac wins!

As evidenced in the latest Game Informer, Insomniac Games’ is one of the few companies whose hard work is actually able to match their ambition, pulling off such feats as-yet-unheard-of in the realm of console first person shooters in a mere two-year turnaround. That’s right, Resistance 2 is currently scheduled to hit in the Fall of 2008 (cue “Fall of Fall of Man” ad campaign).

And those are just a few of the amazing details revealed exclusively in the newest issue of the magazine, which is apparently beginning to hit subscribers’ mailboxes.

Other tidbits sure to excite include the introduction of character classes include AI that scales on the fly (meaning that enemies near the player or within their field of vision will be noticeably more aggressive than those outside of it), partially randomized geometry in the levels (making each playthrough unique), and the most advanced matchmaking/community system on the planet. Clearly, Insomniac’s attempted to one-up the competition all the way around.

The single-player campaign will continue to follow Nathan Hale who, after getting shot down over Iceland, makes his way to the ‘ol U. S. of A. to join up with a group called the Sentinels.

Sadly, due to the exclusivity of the information, we don’t have any screens to show you, so unless you subscribe to Game Informer, you’ll have to wait until the issue hits newsstands.