Among the flurry of details released today about Spore, coming September 7th for the PC, one interesting tidbit might have been missed along the way. When you create your custom alien race, spaceship, or vehicles in Spore, you can upload videos of them to your Youtube account with just one click from inside Spore.

The creature customization is easily the most impressive thing about Spore, a game that seems very impressive throughout. While on tour at Maxis Studios, we caught a peek at alien designs that borrowed liberally from some other intellectual properties, from a spaceship that looked like the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, to aliens that looked like Spongebob Squarepants and the cast of South Park.

The ability to share these creations on Youtube with such ease should mean that we’ll see a lot of great customized characters and vehicles. Nearly any types of sci-fi or fantasy vehicles you can think to build, from X-Wings to the USS Enterprise, are possible in Spore. Sharing them online means that while lawyers trying to protect these IPs might get all worked up, there’s no way for other companies to police this content in the same way that City of Heroes was dinged for allowing users to create their own in-game X-Men.

We think this new feature is stunningly disruptive. If you thought that custom Miis were great, like the online videos of diminutive Hitlers and Kim Jong Ils, you haven’t seen anything yet.