Josh Austin, Producer for Digital Extremes’ Dark Sector, conveyed to us that the team struggled initially with developing the title for the PS3, so much so that they had “serious” conversations about what to do next . Was Dark Sector close to being scrapped? Read on to see his exact words.

“So, yeah, this is the PS3 version, umm… it looks just as good as the 360 version, which we’re very happy about. Towards the end we started having some serious conversations about what we were gonna do, uh, but we ended up pulling it off, so we’re very proud of that.”

I asked for clarification on what that meant, and he replied simply “It was just not running as well as the 360”. We continued the conversation about these problems, only we went off the record so I won’t discuss it further.

Just be happy knowing that you have more ammunition in the flame wars. Hooray! PS3 owners should also feel comforted knowing that some smart dudes got the game running on PS3’s superior hardware. Feel free to argue about it in the comments section.

Update: D3’s PR got in touch with me this afternoon and explained to me that Dark Sector was never officially “almost canned” for the PS3. My apologies to Josh if anything he said was taken out of context.

Seacrest out.