I was browsing the interwebs and stumbled across some interesting concept art. Turns out, it was for a little game called Gladius 2, a game that up to this point has not yet been announced.

James Zhang, an artist who has done work for several projects including multiple Star Wars games, had quite a bit of concept art up on his site — A hidden list of links was “stumbled upon” in which there were images for Gladius 2, as well as Knights of the Old Republic 3. Those links are now gone.

The existence of Gladius 2 is further proven by the simple fact that Gladius 2 is listed under “projects” if you click on the client list on his main page. Kinda hard to deny it now, right?


Let’s hope this is more than just wishful thinking or unofficial concept art by a mere fan of the game (even though he works with LucasArts). Gladius was a great game, so a sequel would be much appreciated. Announce it already, LucasArts, and how about a release date some time this year!