Res 2 video

GameTrailers has been given exclusive dibs on the first Resistance 2 trailer. It is, however, a teaser and doesn’t hold much in the way of concrete information about what R2 itself will hold. It should get us amped for the first nibble of actual in-game footage, on June 13 – but surely, you’ll be busy playing Metal Gear Solid 4, right?

I don’t feel comfortable commenting about anything involving the Resistance franchise, as my experience with the franchise has been virtually non-existent. But I must admit — if I do end up purchasing a PS3, as I plan to, for MGS4, this teaser has definitely piqued my interest as something that’s definitely worth looking into if it’s within my means.

Without further ado, we’ve got a link to the SD encoding of the trailer here and a link to the HD (i.e. the version you should watch if your computer can handle it) right here.

Source: GameTrailers