The return of Capcom’s retro blue bomber! I grew up playing Mega Man in this format, and while part of me hopes that more companies follow Capcom on their retro revival world tour, it does make me somewhat question my $500+ next gen console purchase.

If so many gamers, including myself, are doing cartwheels over a game that could easily play on much cheaper hardware, why is it that we are buying next gen mega machines? Oh that’s right — Blu-ray and HD DVD. End rant. Enjoy the footage.

Mega Man 9 will cost you 1000 WiiWare Points, which translates into about $10. We would imagine that the PSN and XBL versions will follow suit. What exactly does your money buy you? Well, in addition to the ten year jump back in time, the game will also integrate online leaderboards and DLC.

Source: IGN