GameDaily recently wrote up a list of ten games that they believe will “probably suck.” Their argument as to why LittleBigPlanet will “probably suck” starts with them calling it a “glorified version of PowerPoint” and adding that they foresee “tons of crap content.”

Simple logic by the simple minded says that if you use the game to recreate that which can be done in PowerPoint, then the game must be a glorified version of PowerPoint. Therefore, if I walk in a straight line, and Tom Brady walks in a straight line, surely Tom Brady is just a glorified version of me.

When it comes to content, LittleBigPlanet includes many well thought out levels, and is not simply relying on user based content to succeed. According to GameDaily, any game with a level creator is the equivalent of  PowerPoint. Call of Duty? Powerpoint. Half-Life? Powerpoint. Unreal? You guessed it.

Every game that opens its doors to community created content is subject to the risk of less than ideal results. I happen to believe that there are a ton of talented individuals out there, who if given a chance, will shine.

It appears that at least one gaming website attended a particular E3 press conference, witnessed a creative presentation done using LittleBigPlanet, and thought “That’s it. We’ll call it PowerPoint”. What I want to know is, where was GameDaily when the rest of E3 went down? You know, the hands-on portion. They must have been picking up their AOL funded paychecks.

Here is a prediction of my own. I predict that GameDaily will “probably suck.” Sure, they may have a few good articles written by talented writers, but I predict that the majority of their content will consist of top ten lists broken down into ten individual one paragraph pages to maximize page views (see source)

In the end, we are all nothing more than a glorified version of HTML filled with user generated content, and some of it is bound to suck.