When it rains it pours, and after we revealed a selection of Heavy Rain screenshots, we were put in touch with a snippet of behind the scenes footage (though we don’t doubt that previous videos were also real-time) of what looks like the same town as was presented in the screenshots.

The following video is a tour of Quantic Dream’s studio, displaying their PlayStation 3 development of Heavy Rain.  I know the dialogue is in French, but what do you expect from a French developer and a French TV show?

Before we translate what’s being said, you’ll be able to spot real-time footage (albeit low-resolution) of a dreary town surrounded by stormy weather, along with impressive facemapping technology.

[UPDATE] The content of the video has been translated (credit Raist from Neogaf) and there’s limited information on Heavy Rain itself. The only scrap we can muster is that the shadows are dynamic, along with the impression of realistic rain and wetness in the street scene. In addition, Quantic Dream’s founder, David Cage, elaborates on their goal to create authentic emotional characters:

Nowadays, video games are a media that reaches maturity. And that is starting to imply emotions, just like movies, literature or theatre. We’re trying to make people cry or laugh when they play a video game. It’s only getting started and is the goal of our industry for the upcoming years.

For more on Heavy Rain, why not take a blast to the past with a Quantic Dream’s interview from 2006, or instead read our very own detailed account. Expect much more in the coming weeks.