If the numerous photo and video leaks hinting at an eventual Soul Calibur IV DLC, allowing PS3 and Xbox 360 owners to download Yoda and Darth Vader respectively, were not enough to convince you of its existence, Namco is now confirming what many of us already expected.

Grab your lightsaber color of choice next week, as the DLC, uniting the forces of good and evil on both next-gen consoles, will be available for download on October 23rd.

While this is great news for of both fans of the Star Wars and Soul Calibur franchises, the content will come with a price. Specifically, $4.99 for Yoda on the PS3, and 400 MS Points ($5.00) for Vader on the 360.

Afterthought: What say you? Is this something you will gladly dish out the cash for, or will you make a stand and hope that developers put an end to these type of money making antics?

Source: 1up