The Watercooler

The Watercooler is back after our vacation in the land of Hot Videogame Asses! I hope you didn’t mind.

Warning: The Watercooler is the best thing you will see on the Internet today, mainly because it is the best thing I saw on the Internet yesterday. Be advised that these Watercooler stories are not necessarily videogame related (they usually won’t be), and are often silly, controversial, and/or not safe for work (NSFW). If this type of content frequently offends you, please be aware that I just warned you — if you still click through and get offended, it will be your own stupid fault. Otherwise, please continue…

Today’s Watercooler features an amazing occurrence on The Price is Right. I don’t want to ruin it, but stupid Drew Carey ruins it anyway by being so… douchey.

Yeah, what was up with that? The dude guesses exactly right, something that hasn’t happened in over 35 years, and Drew Carey’s not affected one bit. Don’t forget to have your Drew Carey spayed or neutered. It’s obvious he just doesn’t give a shit any more, so I think we should do him a favor a poo on his face. Yeah, I said poo on his face. I wish I looked more like Drew Carey so I could punch mirrors to feel better.

You’re welcome.

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