The Official Xbox Magazine scored the exclusive first review rights for Street Fighter IV. What’s the verdict? Check out what OXM had to say about the newest installment in the king of fighting games.

An excerpt:

“If you’re a fan of the older games, you’ll drop right in and enjoy yourself; the classic six-button controls feel perfect, and as you take different characters through Arcade mode, you’ll unlock alumni who didn’t appear in the coin-op edition, like Cammy, Rose, and Dan. Everyone looks as you remember them, only better. Exaggerated new facial animations make every attack look like it really hurts, and the game’s distinctive painted graphic style gives it the classy look of an interactive work of art.”

OXM’s final score: 9.5 — can’t say I really expected anything less, and I’m sure the PS3 version will fare just as well. The PC version, well, that just seems weird.

Pick up the February ’09 issue of OXM to read the full review in all its glory.

UPDATE: Or pick up PlayStation: The Official Magazine, which gave the game a 5 out of 5. Both magazines are owned by Future Publishing and both have exclusive reviews for their respective consoles.