A Neogaf forum post (containing the image above) implies that Infinity Ward will be disabling the party chat function of the Xbox 360 in some if not all of their online multiplayer modes.

Assuming the post is not a hoax, the general consensus is that party chat allows for cheating in multiplayer contests. For those that own a Microsoft Xbox 360 and don’t have a clue as to what “party chat cheating” is, good for you. As for the rest of you … you should be ashamed of yourself (snicker).

An example of party chat cheating in an online multiplayer, such as Modern Warfare 2, usually involves communication from a recently killed teammate (normally muted in game channel chat due to being dead) with those on his team who are still living i.e. “The bastard that just killed me is heading your way through the warehouse!”

If the forum posts proves to be legitimate, I’ll be behind it 100% and hope that more developers follow in Infinity Ward’s footsteps. How about you? Do regulations like this increase, decrease, or have no effect on your interest in a game?