Today is the day that the update to Team Fortress 2 finally hit, and can be installed simply by having Steam open and TF2 installed. If you don’t own the game, you can play for free this weekend by downloading the game here.

Along with the update comes the news that the Soldier has won the war (albeit by a thread) and therefore has been awarded these Gunboots, which greatly reduce rocket-jump self damage.

Also announced today are these two maps, CP_Gorge and CTF_Doublecross. Gorge is a small two-point attack/defend map, with just two control points. It’s set in the Lumberyard grassy style, and has a handful of busy choke points where the Demos and Soldiers can try out their explosive new toys. Doublecross is a capture the flag style map which connects two bases via two bridges. Much like many CTF maps it’s often a bit of a stalemate (from what I’ve played) but there’s room for sneakier classes to get the intel capped via the hidden smaller bridge.

This has been one of the best update weeks ever, and I’m now off to enjoy the new stuff. Here’s hoping the Engineer update is even better than this one.