Hello wonderfully potent, unbelievably attractive, and sexually gifted readers. Ripten was started back in 2007 with the simple goal of delivering videogame reviews, interviews, previews, trailers, events, and news to our reader base. The site has gone through periods that show one to three posts per day and others where it has cranked out upwards of twenty. At times our focus is more on news and rumors, but every once in a while we throw together an original parody or two like New Years Eve: The Game, Vagina Hero, etc.

Our goal in the coming months will be to hover around 10-15 posts per day (when it makes sense) with a mix of originals, news, rumors, reviews, and opinionated pieces. In addition, we plan to bring back the Ripcast on a regular weekly basis and start working on more original video content. In terms of the site itself, we have begun working with a programmer to build our own software and get us off of WordPress with the long term goal being the creation of more personal user pages and other community based features WordPress just doesn’t allow for.

The real question here is … what type of content/format would you prefer we focus on? Would you like to see more posts per day? Would you rather see more original content and get your press releases fed to you elsewhere? Do you look forward to a weekly Ripten podcast? Are there things you’d like to see done differently in general? Are there things you’d rather see left as is?

Ripten, like any independent site, will only go as far as its loyal readers are willing to take it. We don’t have big budget spending capabilities, so you won’t be seeing a giant Ripten billboard in your town any time soon. Word of mouth advertising, tweets, diggs, Facebook shares, and other types of social networking methods are what a site like ours relies on to stay afloat, and it’s important that our readers enjoy what we have to offer and are willing to spread the word.

We enjoy running Ripten, and with your help and feedback, we look forward to growing the site and shaping it into the kind of independent gaming community you genuinly get a kick out of being a part of.