Visceral Games has assured the gaming public that Dante’s Inferno will be heavily supported with post release content. While the game isn’t set to be released for another week, Visceral’s Johnathan Knight is already greasing the wheels for many upcoming additions to the classic tale. While, as fans of Left 4 Dead and the first Mass Effect can attest to, just saying you are committed to making loads of extra DLC for a game doesn’t actually translate to tons of extra DLC, Knight has at least given a bit of information on the first planned addition.

Johnathan Knight says:

Dark Forest is one of the first big releases after the launch of the game, a prequel level that takes roughly the first canto of the poem where Dante is lost in the dark forest

Maybe the next DLC will be called Wet Rainforest and will take place during a time where Dante is traveling through a wet rainforest. Obviously, any game with lots of DLC will have more replay value and would be a better investment so if they are committed to creating more content that can only be a positive. Although with people still pretty mixed on whether or not this is going to be an enjoyable game, I would rather them be talking about more reasons that the base content will be good as opposed to what they are going to add on. I mean, how excited would you be right now for tons of extra Rogue Warrior DLC? Did you answer “very?” Because if you did I have the number of a great psychiatrist.

[Source: That Video Game Blog]