Unfortunately, GameSpot’s attempt to predict Electronic Art’s E310 lineup broke thousands of hearts around the globe. Earlier this week, their interactive E3 Show floor Map listed Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age II as featured titles at EA’s booth. They were wrong.

An EA spokesperson rectified this, stating that neither game would be present at this year’s show. GameSpot has since edited their map and fixed the erroneous titles. Now, you will have the pleasure of viewing Bulletstorm and Crysis 2.

While I would love to see BioWare out and about, sounding the trumpets for their latest creations, but I’d rather they take their sweet time. Mass Effect 2 has barely been out for a year and we’ve yet to see the first of several story DLC like Overlord yet. It’s just too soon for both ME and DA. Hang tight, kids. I’m sure there will be plenty of other awesome things at E3. They just won’t be as awesome as Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Source: GameInformer (via LiveJournal)