Here we are at the end of this year’s E3. It was fun, for sure, but it was also simultaneously exciting and disappointing. Day 4 wasn’t exactly as action-packed as the first two days, but there were still a few announcements that should pique your interests.

Here’s a short summarized list of yesterday’s E3 announcements.

  • Darksiders 2 announced. Chad is super excited.
  • Sony says that Home has 14 million users, which means 14 million people that registered. I doubt many people still use the service regularly, especially since I forgot it existed until they announced this.
  • Dark Energy confirms that the previously Xbox-exclusive Hydrophobia will go to the PS3 and PC… eventually.
  • Aaron Greenberg mentions that $150 is not the final Kinect price, and that every retailer is speculating.
  • Cross-platform co-op between the PS3 and PC/Mac for Portal 2 confirmed.
  • E3 2011 announced for June 7-9th next year. See you there!
  • Ubisoft teases the fact that a big franchise is coming to the 3DS.
  • Castle Crashers for PSN was finally submitted today. Great for PSN-exclusive gamers, but this seems like it could be too little too late.
  • Analyst says the 3Ds could be $249-$299. Honestly, I’d still buy it if it were 300 bucks.
  • Neversoft confirms that they are only focusing on two Hero games this year, DJ Hero 2 and GH: Warriors of Rock. Good.
  • PSN’s Dead Nation will have the most zombies in history. Yeah, history. Incredible when you consider games like Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising.
  • Sony is happy about the Nintendo 3DS. Wait, what?
  • Forza 4 coming in 2011, has Kinect compatibility. Yikes.

E3 may be over, but our coverage isn’t. Stay tuned, because we’ve got a few features going up in the next few days about the games we got hands on with on the show floor.