In March 2009, Breben of Facepunch set out to recreate one of Disney World’s most beloved defunct attractions. Though the Adventurers Club closed to the public last fall, it has reopened to all its fans on the Half-Life engine. The resemblance is uncanny.

The attraction opened at Disney World in 1989 on Pleasure Island, where it entertained guests with musical numbers, various skits, and good ole’ fashion 1930′s innuendos.  Its iconic features like the giant face of Babylonia and the wise-cracking masks Arnie and Claude have been perfectly preserved. Where would gamers be without the wonderful world of mods? Thanks to Breben’s fifteen months of work with Garry’s Mod, fans of the attraction may now download the map for themselves. This is an incredibly accurate, high-quality recreation that will keep players busy simply staring at all the pretty lights for hours.

The Adventurers Club may have closed last year, but it lives on in one of the best mod-able games ever. Best of all? No waiting in line.

Source: Facepunch