If you don’t recognize the name “Irrational Games”, you’ll probably recognize the name they went by before April this year- 2K Boston. Reverting back to their previous name, the Bioshock creators took up the name “Irrational Games” once more before announcing that they’re working on a new, original game. And now they want you to employ your psychic powers to guess what it is!

On NeoGAF, an Irrational Games employee started a thread asking what people think their next game would be, leaving a number for people to leave a voicemail with their ideas. (617-302-7805- keep it clean!) They want to discuss the ideas on an upcoming podcast, and I’m kind of interested in what people think they’re doing as well. Meanwhile, the crazy paranoid man in me thinks they’re going to listen to your voicemails and make a game out it and say “CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUESSED RIGHT” on the podcast. Then again, the crazy paranoid man in me is crazy and paranoid.