Aside from the upcoming Mayan apocalypse, we now have another reason to fear the year 2012: that’s when the 3D Pac-Man cartoon is expected to air. Ripten mentioned a newly-announced Pac-Man show a while back that producer Avi Arad was involved with and I think it’s  safe to say that this is the same show. Namco Bandai plans to air 26 episodes in 2012, which is roughly the normal episode count for a season of network television.

Be sure to check out our initial announcement of the show and then our follow-up post, which is loaded with info and even has video of the show. Now that we have a release year, 2012 can’t come fast enough. I’m as curious as a cat to see what this show is going to be like. I wouldn’t say I’m excited, because by all means this show should be awful, but I can’t wait to see carefree, high school-era Pac-Man chomp down some power pellets, ghosts, and hamburgers. Gluttony seems to be a big theme with this show.

Okay, maybe I’m a little excited. What about you guys?