TIGA, the trade body for the UK games industry, has been campaigning now for many weeks for tax relief for the UK games industry. Today many high profile TIGA members have pledged their support for the cause.

Blitz Games Studios, Crytek, DR Studios, Exient, Kuju, Rebellion and Ubisoft Reflections, as well as the rest of TIGA’s 160 members, all declared their support for TIGA’s campaign. As you may recall, the UK Coalition Government decided against tac relief for the UK games industry despite promising it, leading TIGA to push at the Government for the relief they promised.

“It’s not just about keeping existing jobs, it’s about new jobs,” said Jason Kingsley, TIGA Chairman and CEO and Creative Director of Rebellion. “The UK can only compete against our international competitors if we’ve got the Government on our side. This means that the Coalition Government must look again at the case for Games Tax Relief.”

Gareth Edmondson, CEO of Ubisoft Reflections, said:

“Games Tax Relief represents a strategic investment both in the know-how and technology that originally put the UK games industry on the map and in the numerous jobs that it provides. This is a growing industry; it’s an industry for tomorrow as well as today. But it needs a favourable environment and full support to continue to be a viable player in the global market.”

With the support of so many massive industry figures, TIGA’s campaign is showing no signs of stopping. I have no doubt they will push at the issue until it is finally put into action.