It feels like it was only yesterday that we got Dragon Quest IX, and now they’re already talking about a release for Dragon Quest X?

Oh, right… it was only yesterday.

Even so, it was five years after VIII was released before IX came out. And it’s only been one year (to the day) between the Japanese release and American release of IX.

Nonetheless, designer and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii had the following exchange with Kotaku recently about how long the wait would be for the next installment:

Kotaku: “What can you tell people who are excited about Dragon Quest X for the Wii? How is it taking shape and how far out is it from release?”

Horii: “There is not much I can say at this time about Dragon Quest X. I am sorry. But it’s not that far out.”

Kotaku: “I’ll assume it will be better than IX

Horii: “Hai.”

With any luck, Dragon Quest IX (with Nintendo’s backing) will do well enough this time out to make the franchise a bigger deal in the West. And maybe bring Final Fantasy down a peg or two; it’s been strutting around like it owns the place.

And speaking of which, what would happen if a Chocobo and a Slime met? That would be the other question Kotaku brought before Horii in their post, though frankly, the idea probably didn’t go as far as writer Stephen Totilo would have liked.

Source: via GoNintendo