When asked about a successor to the Wii (among other things), Miyamoto replied that although they’re always thinking about the next step, people still enjoy the Nintendo Wii.

“Many people still have fun with the Wii, there are still many good games out for it. But we think ever since the launch of the console for about a successor. We monitor the market closely. When the time comes, we will announce a successor. But that will not be very soon.”

I love Miyamoto. I love that he’s so completely detached from the console race and the financial side of gaming. If people are still enjoying the Wii, there’s no reason to drop a new console on them and charge them a few hundred bucks all over again, and Miyamoto knows that.

When asked if the Wii is going the 3D route, he responded:

“I do not think the next step will be ours. Wii is indeed one reason so successful, because many people do not have HDTV equipment and to appreciate what the Wii offers. The Nintendo 3DS is possible because it is a portable console and 3D glasses to work without it. For the living room would need a 3-D TV and it will take some time before enough households have 3-D TVs that the theme for the Gaming significant falls.”

This is definitely a different response than Ubisoft saying that everyone will own a 3DTV in three years, but I agree with Miyamoto. The fact that there are gamers out there still playing on SDTVs makes it hard to believe that 3D will become standard any time remotely soon.

Keep speakin’ the truth, Shiggy.