Who says that video games warp the minds of kids? I grew up playing video games, and I turned out OK. That being said, there’s a few things from the world of video games that I find myself wishing worked in real life. I’ve compiled a list of those cliches from video games that would make life so much more awesome. So let us begin.

Checkpoints/Save Points

Wouldn’t you just love checkpoints? About to ask a girl out for the first time? Ready to skydive at 20 thousand feet? Had enough with your job and feeling like telling your boss where to shove it? Why not hit up a quick save point first, just in case things don’t go according to plan? That way, you can always reload if you need to. Saving often even allows you to explore multiple paths before choosing the one with the best outcome. In other words, punching your boss in the face may not be the right way to go, but with a save point, you could try it out anyway!

No Fall Damage

Gravity, ahh. It’s something always holding us down, and yes, that pun was intended. Unfortunately when we jump off 100 story buildings, or free fall 15 miles, we die. Nothing really beats the thrill of jumping off a building and landing unscathed, several stories below. Gravity loses its hold, allowing you to fall from any height unharmed. This makes suicide significantly harder, as jumping off of a building does more damage to the pavement you land on than it does to you. Who needs physics, anyway? Just remember to save first (in case of glitches). Wouldn’t you just love no fall damage?

Health Bars

Now when it comes to the following cliche I think we’ve all wanted this at some point. I’d like a health bar over my head that fills up whenever I eat or drink. It’s a great way to keep track of your diet – if the bar is full, then you don’t need anything to eat. In a similar vein, if you ever got hurt, all you need is a cure-all medipack. No matter what’s wrong with you, from a fractured leg to poisoned arrow wound, a quick 30-second heal with the medipack is all it takes, and you’re good as new.

Infinite Inventory / Storage Space

Have you ever been carrying something heavy and thought “I wish this didn’t weigh anything at all!”? Well of course you have, and with the infinite inventory cliche we’re all saved. No more need for that fanny pack when you go on vacation – now you can just reach into that magical place somewhere behind you and pull out anything you need! And whatever you store there no longer has any mass, so it doesn’t weigh you down. Great for storing snacks, gadgets, and .50 caliber sniper rifles!

XP Leveling System

With everything in life, we always wish we could get better: games, work, even simple things like cooking. Well everything is easier with XP. Want to be stronger, faster, and better looking? Just stand in the corner and jump for eight hours a day to keep leveling up. Believe it or not, by doing something repetitively you’ll get better at it; and, simultaneously everything else you do as well. Just make sure to fill out your talent tree with something useful like Uber Ninja Skillz. You’ll go from chump to champ in no time!

Bullet Time / Slow Motion

Have only a split second to complete a series of complex tasks? Just use Bullet Time. Great for complex surgeries and gunslinging alike, time slows to a crawl so you can calmly finish whatever it is you’re doing. And look like Keanu Reeves doing it. Whoa.