Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Event Recap 9/2/2010

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Wii Games Summer 2010: Interview With The Champions

Today I had the pleasure of going to the Wii Games Summer 2010 NYC Main event held at Liberty State Park, NJ.  I had pre-registered for the event on the official website at www.WiiGames2010.com.  I entered the event with my sister to form team BeruGold.

Upon arriving I made sure to check in.  Check in was fast and easy.  Since we registered to compete we were handed a voucher to obtain a free custom t-shirt.  There were several designs to choose from and you can even customize what the shirt says.  Most of the choices are from the Mario universe, but some came from Punch Out!! and Wii Sports Resort.

It was then that my sister and I decided to go ahead and compete in the competition.  We’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and had all the games down pretty well.  We choked a little and we were disappointed with our overall performance.  We knew we could do better but feared the worst.  It turned out, however, that we ended up in first place for the Adult division.

It was at this point that the officials at the event went nuts.  We stuck around for a bit before being pulled up on the main stage at the event to be introduced as the current leaders in our division.  My sister and I then had to play the game within Wii Fit Plus, Bird’s-Eye Bull’s-Eye.  After we finished playing that game we were showered in Nintendo Swag that made me drool.

After the excitement died down we checked out what else there was to do.  The upper level of the tent that was set up with several titles for the Nintendo Wii.  Players could play the games and earn coins for playing the games.  Certain games could net players extra coins if they did well.  These coins could then be exchanged for Nintendo prizes/swag.

I found earning coins for swag to be somewhat difficult due to the lines around the games.  Luckily team BeruGold already had the most expensive swag pieces that everyone kept asking us about.  Unfortunately for our team, however, we soon found that our top score had been knocked down to second place.

At the end of the day our score still stood at second place, which still nets my sister and I a free trip to Los Angeles for the finals.  I can’t wait to go to the finals with my sister since we had a blast.  Also I’d like to say congratulations to Team Poland who took us out of the top position.  Just be prepared since my sister and I had an off day and are looking to come back even stronger in the finals.

One final word I have is that this event is a ton of fun.  I highly recommend that people attend the event if they can get to one.  I saw people of all ages competing and having a great time.  It’s also a great event for families to enjoy.