While I haven’t yet been able to make my way to the west coast for the annual Penny Arcade Expo, I hear it’s quite the shindig for anyone that loves rubbing elbows with the developers that make our industry great. It’s only going to get more exciting this year as Housemarque, the developers behind Super Stardust and the upcoming Dead Nation, are announcing a new game for PSN and XBLA at the expo this year.

Their latest game, Dead Nation, isn’t even out yet, but they’re already hard at work on a new game that they plan to announce in early September. Unfortunately, they haven’t given us any hints as to what it is, so your guess is as good as mine. I’m excited to see what they do announce, as I’ve gotten more play time out of Super Stardust HD than any other PSN title. Are you gonna be in attendance at PAX? What do you hope they announce? Sound off in le comments!