The original Mafia was released almost a decade ago to unanimous praise.  Now, the time has finally come to see if Mafia II has what it takes to run this town, or if this game is gonna sleep wit’ the fishes.

Check out the full HD video review and my final thoughts below:

So, as you can see, Mafia II is definitely a wonder to behold for PC gamers.  Technically and graphically superior to all other versions, Mafia II for PC is nothing short of a classic “playable” mobster movie.

If Mafia II were a movie, I’d see it twice and then buy the special edition DVD the day it came out.

Yet, like I said, if a 12 hour linear campaign isn’t enough to warrant your hard earned money, then perhaps Mafia II isn’t the game for you to buy this season.  It is however a game that you should “play“, so rent it if you must.  While it is extremely linear, the line you follow to get through Vito’s tale is a great one that will draw you in deeper with each twist and turn of the story.   That being said, I firmly believe that this game lives up to, and in fact surpasses it’s predecessor in every way.

Here’s the rundown:

+ Incredible technically

+ Incredible visually (PhysX and 3D Vision take the immersion to a whole new level)

+ First rate storytelling and direction

– Too linear for some gamers

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