When we buy our First Person Shooter games we know in the back of the head the maps are going to get really old really fast. Everyone will camp in the same spots, throw grenades over certain walls and shoot through certain windows.

When we first buy a new First Person Shooter we know that the mulitplayer component of the game is going to be the most important. The campaign is breezed through and is only exciting once, where as the multiplayer is constantly changing and evolving, offering new and exciting challenges. With that being said, the maps within the game can do a lot for the overall enjoyment of a title, so RipTen has compiled a list of ten maps that we think still stand the test of time and always provide a spurt of awesome.

10) Guardian – Halo 3

Guardian was the official Halo 3 MLG 1v1 Map. Featuring 2 real areas, the upstairs and downstairs. The map featured tight movement zones, excellent weapon spawns and numerous jumps that were difficult to perform but were crucial if you needed to get from one place to another in a crazy amount of time. This was the ultimate “party map” in the sense you could fire up a 1v1 with a friend on split screen and not have to worry about spending long amounts of time hunting each other down. And besides, who doesn’t like playing Rockets on Guardian with 12 people!?

9) Tokay’s Tower – Quake II

If you are a full on Quake II fan it goes without saying that you’ve probably played the crap out of Tokay’s Tower. It’s just a spiral up and down filled with rockets, railguns, madness and death! If you were lucky enough to not fall to your death you were probably going to cop a mouthful of splash damage from one of your foes as he nimbly jumps around the map with a Rocket Launcher. Many a fun LAN have been spent just playing round after round and bragging to your friends about how good you are and all of a sudden you’re dead too!

8) 2fort – Team Fortress

2fort is probably one of, if not the most beloved map in PC Gaming. Managing to deliver the ultimate experience in symetrical base versus base combat, both forts have numerous entrances and pathways but everyone knows the real combat just ends up happening over the bridge between the two. The key to victory, survival and the best K/D? Teamwork.