The Unicorn and the Chupacabra are the trickiest mythical creatures to find in Undead Nightmare.  If you want to learn how and where to find them, simply read our guide. Check out our review here. For treasure locations click here.


The greatest chance of finding the Chupacabra is in Nuevo Paraiso when you are on the last tier of the hunting challenges.  When you are near the random Chupacabra spawn, a message will appear and you will be able to see the radius of its possible location on the map.

  • The Chupacabra can be found in the fields North West of Torquemada. When zoomed out on the game map, the area will have a picture of three horses.
  • The creature can also be found South East of Perdido
  • South of Casa Madrugada, or North of Chuparosa near the river.

Videos courtesy of Yumiya89


After you have killed the Chupacabra, the Unicorn can usually be found in the plains just northwest of Torquemada. If it isn’t appearing for you. Trying going to another town then fast traveling to Torquemada. This reloading of the area sometimes help force the mythical beast to appear.


Spinning Plates
Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare. Bronze 25

Zed’s Dead, Baby
Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare. Silver 40

Mad Marston: The Trail Warrior
Attain Rank 5 in all Undead Nightmare Challenges. Bronze 10

Smoke That Skinwagon
Make it to wave 15 in Undead Overrun Gametype in Multiplayer. Bronze 10

Fight off 8 unique players during your time on top during “Land Grab” Free Roam. Bronze 10

The Downward Spiral
Complete Curious Tales from Blackwater, USA” Survivor Mission. Bronze 10

Judge A Man By The…
Complete “Cure for Most of What Ails You” and “Get Back in that Hole, Partner” Survivor Missions. Bronze 30

The Superior Dance
Complete “Mother Superior Blues”. Bronze 10

All’s Right With the World
Complete “On a Pale Horse”. Bronze 25

Six Years In The Making
Find and kill a Sasquatch. Bronze 10

Find and kill a Chupacabra. Bronze 10

Fan Service
Find and break a Unicorn. Bronze 10