Minecraft is God’s gift to video gamers but even so, there’s still some features that could ultimately help it become the perfect game we know it could be. Below is five reasons (in no particular order) I’ve come up with after playing an un-human amount of Minecraft, reasons that  I believe could strengthen the overall experience of Minecraft.

More Advanced Aquatic/Aviation Travel

Minecraft already has a basic raft in the current system, as well as a variety of mine-carts. Even though they get the job done – they don’t feel very personal or fun in the slightest. The ability to craft say, a Pirate Barge which players could all build and operate together would offer a huge amount of fun, and it would be extremely rewarding to watch your creation travel the Sea. Even though an Airplane would probably be out of place in the Minecraft world, Aviation (Such as an Airship/Hot-Air Balloon) has the potential to also be an integral part of Minecraft. The more methods of travel, the better.

In-Game Skill Progression

Stat building has penetrated most modern day games, even the traditional Role Playing Game experience points bar is now used in most shooters. It offers a feeling of accomplishment when you level a skill, and with Minecraft it could work just as well – if not better. Say you chop down wood for a full day, aside from now having an abundance of wood, you also level your Lumberjack skill. With this, you now cut down trees faster, yield more wood and perhaps one day you’re able to cut down more advanced tiers of trees. It would allow players to have a specific role within the community, and some differentiation from their peers.

Improved Farming

Maybe it’s the Harvest Moon fan inside writing this, but I’d love to see more uses and variety when it comes to animals and plants. Milking cows, sheering sheep, and incubating or EATING (Muahaha) Chicken eggs would be an excellent way to make the animals in the world feel more useful and in some sense renewable. I’m sure the cow would love to have a use besides being killed for it’s hide. Adding something like a rope in which you can drag (I mean, umm, direct!) the animals back to your pen would be super-useful for a budding farmer. As for just growing wheat and trees, it wouldn’t hurt to have a tiny bit more variety in the seeds. Hey, Notch, throw a tomato in there will you?

LAN support

I’ll admit it, I don’t know how to setup a Minecraft server. The thought of it fucking scares me to no end. The ability for a LAN option would be fantastic, as I often have friends and family who want to play the game alongside me, however we either have to go online to a pre-existing server and they’re often plagued with griefers and weird rulesets. If we could have a LAN only world of our own, then I’m sure no work would be done around this house, but hey, our Minecraft house would be bitching! Either way, it’d be awesome.


Sometimes after playing Minecraft for hours on end, the experience can wear a little thin. Instead of taking a break like a normal person, how about nailing out some achievements! For example “Chickens Suck” could be attained by scouring the world, searching for the foul little chicken minions and killing 100 of them. Of course Minecraft not being on Xbox leaves the achievements feeling a little unappreciated out of the context of the game itself, but the game could present you with a tangible reward. When you say, attain the “Chickens Suck” Achievement you are rewarded with a golden chicken trophy, which you can place in your home to show-off to everyone else. This system could provide some extra hours of fun, as you and your friends start to do ridiculous activities together for them damn cheevos!

Even though the game is in the late Alpha stage right now, and it may be ridiculous to even think about half these features, Minecraft and Notch have shown that ridiculous things are indeed possible. These are just some of my ideas, you’re probably staring at the screen with a scrunched up face thinking “What the fuck?” and if indeed you are, please let me know some ideas you have in the comment section!