Earlier today Activision released patch 1.04 to address a myriad of issues plaguing Call of Duty: Black Ops.  While not exclusively for the PS3 (for the Xbox 360 as well)  the Ps3 version had been effected by more serious issues.  Unfortunately, the patch has brought new issues.

There have been more frequent complaints about the game freezing, others have experienced constantly being dropped out of games.  Still others complain of crashes and disconnections.

The effected gamers are primarily PS3 owners and have crashed the Call of Duty Website as they have come to complain in droves.

Read a few Ps3 owners rants.

***UPDATE: Possible Fix, click here***

Activision and developer Treyarch  have been gathering data and are trying to find out what specifically went wrong.

Looks like patch 1.04 isn’t the cure-all many hoped it would be.