When I walked into Toshiba’s party at CES 2011, the last thing I expected was to see Final Fantasy XIII in full 3D on a 56” HD TV without glasses – however, that’s just what I got.

In fact, all I’d expected was the same old 3D TV technology, a few swanky tablet devices and some free booze.  Yet, instead I got a full diaper-load of holy shit when I stepped into Toshiba’s party at TAO at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

There was no denying it – I was looking at Final Fantasy XIII, in 3D, with no glasses, on a 56″ Toshiba HD TV.

Better yet, I recorded it, albeit for no reason other than to show you, our readers, that glasses-free HD TV gaming is a thing that exists, and is a thing that is coming this year.

Obviously, the following video will not look 3D to you – but trust me, it is:

Note: This is a prototype television and not a production model.

Now, like you, I had a ton of questions for Toshiba when I saw this:

Is this the standard version of Final Fantasy XIII? Yes.

So, I don’t have to buy a whole new version of Final Fantasy XIII to play it in 3D? No.

Will other games be up-converted to 3D like this automatically by this TV? Yes.

How long before I can have this technology? Late 2011.

You sure? Yes, late 2011.

Positive? That’s the official word.

Will game developers start to develop games specifically for this technology? Probably.

The fuck does probably mean?  I don’t care.

Hell, we all know Final Fantasy XIII kind of sucks – but for a brief moment in time, I was mesmerized by Square’s latest installment of their beloved franchise.

This was no small screen demo – this was a serious business 56″ HD TV – and the 3D was eye-scorchingly real.

It looked brilliant, and required no headgear in doing so.  The future is here, the future is now, and I’ve seen it at CES.

Wish you were there?  Yeah, I bet you do.

Be sure to check back in with RipTen all week as we check out all sorts of cool tech at CES – It’s why we’re here.