Do you suck at fighting games?  So do we. However, thanks to Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s new simple mode – now you too can beat the crap out of Capcom at their own press events!!

When I arrived at Capcom’s suite at the Aria hotel/casino is Las Vegas yesterday, I had one thing on my mind – Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Mayor Haggar and Phoenix had just been revealed as members of the cast – but sadly they were not available to play.  :-(

However, some new characters that I hadn’t yet played with were available for me to try out such as Wesker and Tron Bonne.  For the record, Wesker felt totally overpowered (But what the hell do I know?)  Yet, that’s not what this story is about.

Capcom Unity Was in Full Effect in Las Vegas

I’ve played MvC3 many many times this year.  Every time, Capcom has kicked my ass.  It’s not surprising – I suck at fighting games.  Ok, well I don’t totally suck – I’m half decent … but Capcom doesn’t take it easy on the gaming press and they certainly don’t let us win.  In fact, I’ve even had Capcom CM Seth Killian let me take out two of his fighters and get his last one near death, only to sadistically own all three of mine seconds later.

It’s worth noting that I did not play Seth yesterday, (he wasn’t there) but another member of the Capcom PR team who shall remain nameless to avoid shame!!

So Easy, A Caveman (Or I) Could Do It

Today, I decided to try out simple mode.  For those of you who don’t know – Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will feature a new “Simple” control mode that makes performing combos and supers so easy a caveman (or a reporter) can do it.

The light attack button will auto chain your attacks for you.  Medium attack will work your special moves, and hard attack will perform  your supers.  The bottom row of buttons, launch, assist 1, and assist 2, do not change in simple mode.  So you pretty much need to mash three buttons in order to play decently.  Word.

Now, while this may sound a bit cheap (and it is) what it allows noobish players like me to do is concentrate on the flow of the game without having to struggle to learn the moves.  Simple mode is extremely effective in teaching you the ins and outs of a fighting game as complex as MvC3 while taking away the learning curve and making it fun for players new to the series.  For guys like me – It is an extremely welcome addition.

Not So Intimidating Anymore

So, with simple mode underway – I took down Capcom – not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times in a row.  Booyah!! But I digress . . . the wins felt good.  Even though I was in simple mode and Capcom was in normal mode, we were both still playing hard.  I quickly learned my fighter’s moves and how to use them, even if I didn’t know how to execute them in normal mode.  So it was all about strategy for me.  Once I learned how and when to use my moves – it was all about execution and kicking ass.  If you ask me, simple mode does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Now, when it comes to tournament and online play – I’m willing to bet simple mode will not be allowed.  If it is allowed in online play – I get the feeling it will only be against other players who are using simple mode.

*Our readers (as well as the pros over at seem to disagree about whether or not Simple Mode will be allowed in tournament play.  It will definitely be interesting to see the final verdict.*

That being said, it’s obvious that we’re excited about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 finally being released.  It is one of the most seriously fun fighting franchises of all time – and this iteration is clearly the best yet.

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