As RipTen (and the rest of the internets) reported a while ago, Crytek had slated an Xbox 360 exclusive demo for launch on the 25th of January that would allow players to sample the ‘Skyline’ (and accidentally ‘Pier 51′) level and the “Instant Action” and “Crash Site” multiplayer game modes.

I was frothing at the mouth, I was excited, this was fucking Crysis 2 we were talking about! The time came, the demo unlocked, I downloaded it and with all the giddy glee that a 10 year old has on Christmas as I went to play it… However, the good story ends there.

My dream was shattered.  I was one of the unlucky players who hasn’t been able to play the demo since launch courtesy of a huge glitch and consistent game freezing.

Everytime I boot the game and find a multiplayer match, just as the map is about to load, the game locks up and never fixes itself.  This always leaves me with one option, and one option only; restart my Xbox 360.  No matter how many times this is done the demo does the same thing time and time again.  I thought this was strange due to Microsoft’s exhaustive certification process for demo and patch products, so I searched on Google and found an forums article with over 2000 posts of people complaining about the same issues.

Crytek commented on the issue the next day, stating that they were working on an Xbox 360 patch to fix that and a number of other technical issues.  It’s now a week onwards, my demo is still broken and the only comfort I find is in the irony that Crytek labelled Crysis 2 as the ‘best multi-platform experience possible’. Here’s to hoping that Crytek actually does fix this before the PC demo is launched at an undisclosed time.

One thing is for sure though, this really speaks out loud in terms of Crytek’s support (or lack thereof) for their game already and it’s not even out yet.

This video that I’ve taken shows the dreaded freeze happening without fail at around 2:02:

Are you a victim of this freezing issue? Let us know or contact me via Twitter – @DrjftGaming.  If Crytek does finally update the demo we’ll let you know.