Today has been an interesting day for TopWare interactive.  Amidst claims that they’ve criticized and blacklisted media outlets about Two Worlds II reviews, it seems they’ve also confirmed Two Worlds 3.  Not only that, but they say the game is coming in 2012!

The story was first reported on – which had received reports that TopWare had come down on certain media outlets for “misrepresenting” Two Worlds II and giving the game poor reviews.  When they reached out to TopWare – part of the response they got was as follows:

You Don't Say . . .

So, it seems there is a next installment of Two Worlds already in the works!!  But it didn’t end there.  Destructoid’s Jim Sterling soon picked up the story and TopWare Managing Director James Seaman quickly took to the comments section to defend his company.  That’s right – the managing director of TopWare defended his company via the comments section of a gaming blog . . .

Anyhow – here is some of what was said:


So not only is this James Seaman running around telling gaming blogs what’s what- but he’s also inadvertently letting the world know that the next installment of Two Worlds is coming in 2012!!

We loved Two Worlds II, so here’s to hoping Two Worlds III is even better . . . and TopWare gets their PR under control.

Stay tuned to RipTen as this drama continues.  I assure you – this story is not even close to over.