Avert your eyes and cover your ears, the F.A.P is here!!  RipTen and HBG have teamed up to bring you the most FAPtastic podcast this side of the interwebs!!

Our first episode is a doozy.  RipTen Editor Dave Oshry and HotBloodedGaming editor Kreyg  start things off very “PC” by having the HipHopGamer on to talk about Justin Wong and the N word!!

Not only that – Forever alone Kreyg and Never Alone Dave give their thoughts on Crysis 2 and Killzone 3 being leaked.

Not to be outdone – GeoHot stops by to Rap about Sony and we also discuss the fact that Fox News thinks we’re all rapists as Kevin Butler and Major Nelson played battleship on Twitter

Never alone Dave was also kind enough to call in RipTen’s Steph Gutowski and Dani Cantrell to talk about gifts for gamer girls

Selphie = Stephiroth / Moogle = Danzilla

Kreyg (Advice Kreyg) and Dave (Sleazy Gamer) even got their own memes as they discussed their favorite memes of the week – Hipster Mermaid and Scumbag (Selfless) Steve

No, He Doesn't

Yes, He Does.

Last but not least – Kreyg, Dave and the HHG give a big FAP to Big Booty Cammy

So sit back, relax and enjoy as we take you on our first of many FAPtastic journeys:


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