Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.  Either it’s way easier to port from Xbox to Playstation than I thought, or Team Meat is super fucking talented.  I’d assume the latter.

During their panel at the GDC today, Tommy Refenes, lead programmer of Super Meat Boy, said that if Microsoft didn’t pick up SMB, he’d have ported it to a PSN within four days and taken it to Sony.  He told Microsoft this straight out and he wasn’t even lying – 4 days would be all he needed.  He flat out told Microsoft that Sony was their back up plan and they’d make it happen immediately if Microsoft said no.  Note that at this time Sony was more or less not interested in Super Meat Boy and Tommy was, for lack of a better word,  bluffing.  Pretty ballsy if you ask me, but I think the results speak for themselves.

Even though the Super Meat Boy launch on Xbox Live Arcade didn’t exactly go according to plan, I bet somebody at Microsoft is glad that they decided to stick with Super Meat Boy instead of letting it fall onto Sony’s system.

Well played, Tommy Refenes . . . well played.