For those of you looking to get THQ and Kaos Studios upcoming alternate reality war game on the pre-owned market after launch, you might want to buy it brand new seeing how much the online pass costs.

My cousin brought around his Xbox 360 and started playing the game before hitting the ‘trial’ versions level cap of five. He then told me “This is fucking sick!” (Which it is) and went to purchase an online pass to progress past the cap. He was greeted with the below screen which I took a photo of;

In Australia 1500 Microsoft Points will set you back $24 AUD, so 4,294,967,295 Microsoft Points divided by 1,200 Microsoft Points equals 3,579,139 cards at a total cost of $85,899,345.

Now whilst this is likely a glitch, it’s still hilarious and I can’t help but think back to when Microsoft was trying to charge $1,700 for the Sgt. Johnson Halo: ODST DLC.

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