I don’t know what is about PAX, but it always seems to lure out some of the greatest cosplay. On the west coast at PAX Prime, we ran into the Turian sniper Garrus Vakarian. Now, in the wake of PAX East, we have found another hero of Mass Effect 2. He talks fast and kills even faster. He’s a walking medical guide book for space STDs. His xenospecies studies range from urban to agrarian – He’s the very model of a scientist Salarian.  He’s Mordin Solus!

The hardest part of this costume is clearly the mask – which was painstakingly created by hand:

Hard Work... But Not For A Salarian.


Hats off to the dedicated cosplayers who continue to bring the world of Mass Effect into our own. There’s no challenge too great, no character too small. From Cerberus crewman number two to Shepard him/herself, fans have no qualms tackling monstrous projects – All in the name of fan love.  The man behind the mask, Danosuke, created N7 armor and Tali’s envirosuit for PAX Prime 2010, but this alien was a whole other undertaking.  From the impressive latex work to the intricacies of the hard armor, it’s difficult to keep yourself from staring.

I Hope He's Not About To Sing...

"Will Be Here If You Need Me"

Danosuke has also issued an unofficial challenge to all other costume aficionados, claiming that Mordin’s lack of popularity and the obvious difficulty of the costume construction will ward off those faint of heart. I, however, have faith in you, internet. Give it your best shot and see if you can come with anything even half as accurate as this latest piece of living fan art.Latex is nobody’s friend.

Except for Danosuke.

"Quite Tired Now. Much Posing. Should Rest"

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