Unigine’s magnificent benchmarking utility is great for testing the limits of your GPU and seeing how well it handles DX 11 and all levels of tessellation.

I cranked the settings to max and set the tessellation to ‘extreme’ to see how the GTX 590 would fare  – I was very, very impressed:

The GTX590 performed like a true beast at all levels. My average FPS went beyond expectations on all settings and as you can see I only lost about 10FPS for each level of tessellation.  Here are my actual results:

So what does this mean?  It means that the GTX 590 handles extreme levels of tessellation just like Nvidia said it would – Like a boss.

However, a benchmarking utility is not a game, and the extreme tessellation available in Heaven simply does not represent the visual level of games that are currently on the market.   However, there is one game that currently utilizes tessellation extremely well.  That game is…