For those of you who frequent the informative blog of Xbox LIVE’s Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb, you will have no doubt heard that Microsoft is launching a new Xbox 360 disc beta for residents of the United States.

What you may not know however is exactly what the discs are for or what they’re going to be doing.

Whilst nothing was ‘officially’ exposed during the post by Hyrb, Xbox 360 scene hacker ‘commodore4eva’  aka ‘c4eva’ has access to the Xbox 360 SDK and has revealed exactly what the new discs will do, saying;

[2011-03-29 11:11PM UTC] #fw <c4eva-> MS will introduce xgd3 – this will add more ap checks, cvi (content integerity) checks, increase the disc size and adds a new layer for protection issues – all in the 20500 sdk! bring it on

Now when he says the disc size is being increased don’t think: “OH MAH GAWD BIGGER GAMES!” as it’s only increasing by a measly 1GB.

With c4eva and the Jungle Flasher team already in the final testing stages of their Xbox 360 Slim custom firmware, I can assure both you and Microsoft that this update will be futile and it wont be long before this is hacked, too.