I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the differences between males and females. It suggested that males in their 20′s are now just extended adolescents, spending too much time playing games and not enough time becoming manly men. That is – having less ambition and spending too much time playing those dreadful games that all of us hate so much. I mean, there’s no way a game can teach anyone anything ever… right?


Video games and sci-fi are being blamed for guys failing.

Apparently, the fact that 20-somethings still watch Star Wars from time to time is a bad thing.

They say it makes them unsuccessful, because they’re not achieving “most of the milestones of adulthood” by the time they’re 30. That is – many of them aren’t married, aren’t done with school, and seem to have no ambition.

I actually experienced this recently, with my 28 year old ex who’s still afraid of going to school:

His family is actually a perfect example – the daughter, who’s the youngest, is working on her master’s and a cure for cancer, while the two sons have jobs, yes… but they do nothing to better themselves besides work on their gamerscores, which are somewhere around 80k at this point.  My ex’s reasoning was this:

“I know I’m 28 and my accomplishments are few, but I do dream, I do aspire to do more, to be more than a lump on a log. You know I love writing. I love games. It’s not that I’m not motivated, I’m scared. The indecision has paralyzed me. The unknown about school is my biggest fear. A fear I will conquer. Maybe you will read my content. For the time being, I have a job at [redacted] as a lot attendant. $9.00 and hour from 11-7 Monday thru Friday.”

Yep. Sounds like a winner…

The thing is, a lot of this article was true.

“Among Americans ages 25 to 34, 34% of women now have a bachelor’s degree but just 27% of men, and they also have higher GPAs.”

At my university, 55% of the enrolled students are female. Obviously it varies from school to school, but the trend has been that more women have been getting an education than men. The guys I have asked about this have said that they’re content where they are — but that response begs the question, “Why are boys okay with not growing up?”

I’m going to go ahead and not blame games. I mean, I play games, I know guys who play games, have degrees and jobs, and they’re awesome for doing so.  There are awesome guys out there! Also, knowing that I play games, my good friends play games, and we’re all fairly successful, games are not to blame.  Games have, if anything, made me more determined to save the world, which does take some ambition.

So, Wall Street Journal, where have the good men gone?  Obviously girls, all the good guys are in San Diego, literally playing Rockstar Games like our editor Dave Oshry.  We must migrate.

As Marle said in Chrono Trigger, I didn’tpick up“ anythingIt’s calledcommon sense“!

Guys, you have to prove the Wall Street Journal wrong on this one. I know you’re better than what they say, and there’s no way gamers as a whole are unsuccessful. I mean, even my mom is a gamer, and she’s more successful than anyone I know!



Do you think games are turning men into boys, or are we just not looking hard enough to find the gamers that are also real men?  Let me know @MatronEdea on Twitter.